Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Bedtime Story

Some photos from the Civil War Days at the Cincinnati Museum center this weekend:

We get orders from our employer, Mrs. Gagnon

Mrs. Gagnon takes a photo of us just in case we run off with merchandise (we are Irish, you know).

We covet the merchandise we cannot buy because, again, we are poor Irish immigrants.

We covet again... I am creepy.

We fool around and fall down in the shop, not doing any work whatsoever.

We (I) steal some of the merchandise.

I act like I know nothing about it and shield myself with my rich and seductive friend.

And we escape via steamboat.  The end!


  1. Love Love Love Love x10000


  2. Hay i'm Irish to, and I don't steel candy (well, nobody has a picture of it that is. JK) =D Funny story.

    1. It was just a little running joke since there was a sign in the street that said "Irish need not apply"

  3. You all look great in those dresses!! Good fit, proper undergarments, hair, and collars make all the difference! My mom (www.lavendersgreen.com) makes lots of basic 1850's and 60's daydresses for historic sites, museums, etc. and the volunteers often look dumpy and not put-together in them. Sounds like you have a great site there!

    1. Thank you so much! We actually kind of took over the site. Our living history group is independent of the normal volunteers of the site (who look dumpy and not put-together in their clothes most of the time). But, it's hard to make items that can fit a variety of people. I'm glad that I only make things for myself! Tell your mom kudos from me!