Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Regency Things for the Jane Austen Festival!

This year, 2012, was my first time going to the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville and my first Regency event ever.  So, naturally, I needed to sew an entire wardrobe for myself.  Here are some pictures of the items I sewed (with some things still needing tweaking).  I will post actual pictures of the event as soon as they're made available to me.

A chemise.  In hindsight, I probably should have made this sleeveless.  Oh well!

The evil stays.  They flattened my bustline.  I hate them.  They are going to be torn apart and fixed as soon as I can look at them without growling.

A bodiced petticoat made from the Sense and Sensibility drawstring dress pattern.  In favor of spending as little time sewing as possible, I simply chose not to cut out the front piece on the fold and made a placket down the front, running one drawstring from the waist and one from the neckline (I also lowered the neckline considerably).  Other than the drawstrings, no fasteners were needed.  Yay!

A chemisette and a fichu from the most soft, lovely cotton voile that was given to me by a very lovely lady.  The chemisette ended up being so cute on.  I highly recommend it.

Finally, my dress!  This was made from the Sense and Sensibility drawstring pattern in the Elegant Lady's Closet mega-pattern.  The dress was lovely, however I would have liked to modify the neckline.  That is modification number two on the list.

My waistbands and reticules made from matching silk.  The blue I wore for the day and the purple for the ball.  I also trimmed my new Pemberley shoes from American Duchess with purple bows at the toes. Those shoes warrant themselves an entire separate post.

Finally, the straw bonnet form I decorated from Austentation Regency Accessories.  I ended up only wearing this for part of the day on Sunday.  It doesn't fit very well over period hairstyles.

Have a lovely day, everyone!


  1. Very ambitious, all at once! I'm sorry your stays flattened you. We've had great luck with the Sense and Sensibility short stays pattern (http://sensibility.com/blog/patterns/regency-underthings-pattern/)--it gives incredible push-up when you tighten the center front!!! There's a nice post about making them here http://wearinghistoryblog.com/2012/01/finished-project-regency-short-stays-pattern-review/ and a great post about getting stays to fit properly on the blog of the group that I'm with, the Oregon Regency Society! http://oregonregency.blogspot.com/2011/10/achieving-proper-fit-with-regency-stays.html.

    Aren't those bodiced petticoats great?? So important to have a full slip covering the legs. Oh, and I looooove your chemisette--gotta make one of those sometime.

    1. I actually have the S&S pattern! I was going to make it but was having a lot of trouble with the gussets, so my friend and I made her self-drafted stays pattern into short stays and made that. I messed up on the gussets of mine--not enough curvature!--and so they flattened my bustline. But, no worries, I ripped them apart and am fixing the gussets! :)

      I love the bodiced petti! It only took me a day and it was a breeze. The chemisette is great and looks even better on! I barely even noticed it on my skin in the hot Louisville weather, so that definitely is saying something! That is from the S&S Underthings pattern.