Monday, November 12, 2012

Blue 1950's Dior Day Dress

As I talked about in my last post, I am absolutely in love with Dior.  This dress was the first that I fell in love with--

But in searching for more dresses to include in my blog post, I fell head over heels for this blue day dress--

The description from Eternity is as follows:

An elegant, and rarely found, silk day dress from Christian Dior of New York. The dress features a distinct silhouette found in Dior's day wear garments during the first half of the 1950's. Fashioned from a storm-grey blue silk faille, with beautifully styled neckline featuring gathered stole-like sleeves, and decorated along the edges in formed bows. The wrap-front effect bodice is met by the skirt's softly pleated waistline. Back zipper fastening. An exquisite piece for evening wear in modern day, or a formal afternoon affair. 
It's highly reminiscent of Grace Kelly's style and elegance!

This dress is not only amazingly beautiful, but also so very classic and it has bows (squee!!!)!  I immediately decided that I needed this dress, but I didn't know how I could justify making something for modern day, especially something that would be just for very special occasions.  And then it hit me.

I have an interview at CCM for their Costume Design and Technology program in January, and it would be absolutely perfect to wear something that I've actually made (plus, this dress is much more fashionable than anything I own right now).  So, now that I have the perfect excuse to make it, I need to find the perfect fabric!

One Google search for silk faille brought me to Fashion Fabrics Club and this listing for this blue-grey silk faille:

Could it be any more perfect?  And it's only $10 per yard!  I immediately ordered it because I didn't want to let it slip from under my fingertips like a few things on Fashion Fabrics Club have.  I absolutely cannot wait to make this!  I shall leave you with more views of my true love.

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