Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Unfortunate Cost of Adding Another Historic Period

So, recently I've been very, very jealous of everyone doing the 18th century curtain-along... mainly because the fabrics look like this:

And those are curtains.  Yes.  100% cotton curtains that can be found at any old Lowe's or Sears (and on some online retailers, too).  That makes this beautiful print only about $8 per yard which is super reasonable considering it's GORGEOUS!  I just have to have it, and I have to make something from it.

But what?  It needs to be something near the 1770's, because that's the period of time I had originally planned on doing for Georgian.  And then it struck me.  The most amazing idea ever.

A Robe a l'Anglaise with a red silk quilted petticoat underneath.

I know.  Right?

It's the most amazing thing ever.


I do not have any of the proper undergarments OR skirt supports, nor do I have proper shoes.  Basically, to make this wonderful, amazing thing, I need to invest a giant chunk of change in yet another historical period.  I know one other person in my general area that can help me out and she is a busy woman!  So this post is mostly going to either convince me to or not to invest in the 1770s.

1. Cost.
The necessary amount of fabric, 2 curtain panels, would cost $50.  Wool batting would be another $30, I have muslin lying around, and the silk would cost at least $40.  I already have some cotton voile for the fripperies.  This is already beginning to look like a $120 outfit, just on the outside.  I can borrow patterns, so I don't need to worry about that cost (hopefully).  Then I need to make a chemise--I already have muslin, like I said before.  Stays are going to be a special pain.  Not only do I need boning (plastic boning will cost, I'm guessing, around $10), but I also need silk for the outer layer and I already have linen for the two inner layers.  The silk will cost $20.  Let's add in the giant headache I have concerning stays.  I'll probably drop two years in life expectancy just because of them.  Then I must make skirt supports, and I have no idea what they will cost or what they will look like.  Add a petti for over the skirt supports out of muslin--got that.  And let's look at the cost...

A total of $150+ and two years off my life.

My sad realization is that, however badly I wish to do it, I cannot do the curtain along :(  Possibly after Christmas, when I can ask for all of these things on my list, I will be able to invest.  Now, however, it's just not possible.  Oh well.  I'll be able to live vicariously through people like Jen and Caroline and Lauren.

Anywho, forget about my woes and go buy some curtains and make them into a dress.  It turns out great every time, right?