Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Super Belated Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge #16: Separates

Because I like to procrastinate, I of course waited long after the 16th HSF challenge was due to finally finish my project (hey--at least it's finished!)  In preparing for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Chickamauga, which my beau happens to be attending with me (It's his first event!), I had a lot of men's sewing to do.  In order to send in his application for the civilian town at the event, well, he needed to be wearing clothing.  So, I set to work.  Finally, I got him looking presentable this weekend.  I'll be posting the rest of his clothing as it gets finished, but first, drumroll please...

His work shirt!  In the 1860's, working class men often wore a wool or linen work shirt or overshirt (like a smock) in order to protect their clothing from the items they were working with.  Since Samuel is portraying a farmhand, this was one of his most necessary items.  Beneath he is wearing suspenders and a white shirt, with a pair of gray wool trousers.  I plan on adding a white collar and cuffs, as I took inspiration from this piece:

Now for the particulars!

The Challenge: #16: Separates

Fabric: Brown medium-weight 100% linen

Pattern: Laughing Moon #107

Year: 1860-1865

Notions: Six china buttons, poly Gutermann thread, (1) Cutting assistant and general cheerleader

How historically accurate is it?: I would say 85%.  Necessary parts are done by hand (buttonholes, cuffs, neckband, etc.)  Once I add the collar and cuffs it will be even better.

Hours to complete: 7 so far, with about 1-2 to go.

First worn: This past weekend for a picture, but its first event will be Chickamauga.

Total cost: $25, all things considered.

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