Sunday, October 13, 2013

Recent Acquisitions: CDVs

Recently, I've been collecting some original images to add to my collection.  Here are the CDVs that I have picked up.  Soon I will get around to posting the colored plates from the editions of Peterson's and Godey's I've acquired.  But, for now, some lovely CDVs.  All of these are from the UK, and if anyone would like to see the back of one of the images, please let me know in the comments.  Feel free to pin and share, but please cite my blog.  Thank you!

I love this woman's bonnet and her leather gloves!

The skirt trim on this is gorgeous, and the baby is pretty adorable too :)

Lovely sleeves!

I might tentatively date this to pre-1860's based on the tiered skirt, but I could be wrong.  What a nice coat on the gentleman, though!

One of the two tinted CDVs in my collection now.  I love that the cravat is tinted blue; Sam liked it very much!

I love her sleeves.

I might date this to post-war due to the hairstyle.  How interesting for her belt buckle to be off-center, as well...

The second tinted CDV in my collection.  I can't express how much I adore this image.

Check out her skirt--you can count her hoop rungs!  Also, the last rung is very far off the ground.  How interesting!

A-freaking-mazing skirt ruffles.  To die for!

Another sweet face.


This picture eerily looks like my mother when she was younger...

I love the rosettes down the front of this gown.

Gorgeous trim!  I would probably date this as post-war due to the shape of the crinoline and the style of hair.

And finally, something near and dear to my heart--reading.  What a sweet image.

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