Saturday, December 7, 2013

Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge #24: Re-do

Hello everyone!  Finally, finally, finally I've made myself a new pair of Regency stays.  I don't know if y'all remember the last ones (monstrosities that completely squashed me and were made with incorrect methods and metal grommets...) but I ripped those apart and, though I re-sewed the gussets in, that's as far as I got.  I bought the pattern and supplies for these stays about a year ago, originally planning to make them for the Pittsburgh Jane Austen Festival, which I didn't end up going to, and then for the Louisville Jane Austen Festival, but they sat untouched as I had other projects to work on.  I finally started work on them in September and now they're finished!  Hopefully they'll last me for a long time, because I really did not enjoy working on them.  Right now they're wearable, however I will be adding an extra eyelet in the straps and possibly a small pad so that the "girls" don't shift during flight ;) This is my late entry for the 24th HSF challenge!

The Challenge: #24: Re-do
The Challenge(s) you are re-doing: 
#1: Bicentennial: These were made with the years 1810-1820 in mind, so they're good to go for 1813!
#2: UFO: While these weren't *started* earlier, they did sit around forever, and I did mean to make them for a long time!
#3: Under it all: The most necessary undergarment--stays!
#13: Lace and Lacing: One of my favorite parts of this garment was doing spiral lacing for the first time.  I love the look, however I've been spoiled by having cross-lacing 1860's stays!
#15: White: These stays are the classic Regency white.
#19: Wood, metal, bone: These use a wooden busk in the front and boning (although it is plastic!)
#23: Gratitude: I am so thankful to all of my friends for their help in making these (and also cheerleading when I needed it!)  Namely MaggieSabine, and Betsy.
Fabric: Handkerchief linen and linen canvas from  I highly recommend both of these fabrics (especially the handkerchief linen, I'm addicted to it!) because they are very high-quality and wonderful to work with.
Pattern: The Mantua Maker Regency stays pattern (which you can find here!)
Year: 1810-1820
Notions: Plastic zip ties for boning, wooden busk, machine sewing thread, hand sewing thread, and buttonhole twist, some thin poly ribbon for a front drawstring, some thicker poly ribbon for the lacing and the strap ties, and one china button.
How historically accurate is it? The fabrics and the pattern are correct, as is the wooden busk.  I did use plastic bones and polyester ribbon and thread.  I would say these are 85% correct.
Hours to complete: I lost count a long time ago, as I worked on them on and off.  If I had to guess I'd say 25 hours.
First worn: I haven't worn them yet, but the first event I do wear them to will likely be the Locust Grove Ball.
Total cost: About $60, all things considered.