Thursday, February 20, 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge #4: Under it All

Sorry for the long hiatus!  The stress and craziness of school beginning got in the way of any exceptional projects, so I just didn't have any time to post.  However, I did get one small thing finished.  This petticoat is actually a remake of my previous bodiced petticoat--something that I made with no documentation and very poorly (feel free to smack my wrist!)  I decided to tear everything apart and make it up completely differently.  Here is my new Regency petticoat!

The Challenge: #4 Under it All
Fabric: Cotton muslin
Year: 1810-1820
Notions: Polyester Gutermann thread and two china buttons
How historically accurate is it?: I would say 80%.  The cut is period correct, but I sewed all of the long seams by machine.
Hours to complete: about 5
First worn: Just for pictures
Total cost: $0, since everything came from the stash!